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June 2010: planeSPACE at Noland Park, Governor's Island, NYC:


20 March- 8 May 2010: Constructed Place, Annmarie Garden Sculpture Park & Arts Center

Truro, 2010, grasses and video projection, 18'x9'x5'H

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A juried indoor/outdoor sculpture exhibition examining contemporary relationships
between viewer and artwork, co-sponsored by the Washington Sculptors Group
and Annmarie Garden, an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution.
JUROR: Megan Rook-Koepsel, University of Maryland, College Park

Christine Sciulli: planeSPACE, at AC [Institute Direct Chapel], May 2009



planeSPACE is the latest installation in the series Intercepting Planes.

Points of light map the intersections of light planes and network pathways.The networks used in this body of work have utilized various materials. In earlier installations, a random, taut, linear network of string was used to define pathways and synapses in gallery spaces. Operating on a much larger scale, Intercepting Planes X mapped planes of light onto a network of tree canopies high above Duane Park.

In this current installation, a mishmash of vines, roots, and bramble forms a dense, organic network. Points of light variously slink, careen and collide along twisted pathways - the result of a projected line mapped onto the tangled network of planeSPACE.

"Christine Sciulli: Artist of the Floating World; Plane Space and Practical Geometry" by Paul D. Miller/DJ.Spooky

Download Brochure with essays here

Above: Video documenting installation at AC DIRECT


Intercepting Planes X, an outdoor public projection work over the course of three nights, each with a different projector location (the street, second floor, and sixth floor respectively) around Duane Park, December 2008. Video of moving lines of light were projected into the trees of the park, and were filtered by the branches. This project was made possible in part with public funds from the Manhattan Community Arts Fund, supported by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and administered by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, in-kind donations from Go Outdoor Projections, and VER, and logistical support from Friends of Duane Park. View press release.


Intercepting Planes B at the Islip Art Museum Dec/Jan, 2009, which
Janet Goleas described as “a quiet riot of controlled chaos.”

Intercepting Planes B

at the Islip Art Museum Dec/Jan, 2009, which
Janet Goleas described as “a quiet riot of controlled chaos.”


Frederieke Taylor Gallery, NYC, Summer, 2008, (press release)

Intercepting Planes,2008. String and Video projection. (Video Documentation Detail)...Click here for Stills.

Everything's Rosie 2008 at Plugged In, Hudson NY May 2008- Project Documenation . Everything's Rosie Press

Coplanar, Video Projection onto String, part of solo show "Christine Sciulli: Fugue State", Chi Contemporary Fine Art, January 2008., Fugue State in the blogosphere:, Digital Girl

Power and Scatter, 2005/6, Pocketbook Factory, Hudson, NY Installed at the Pocketbook Factory Show, Hudson New York, September 2006: Interactive Documentation or view them at ArtBase


Song For New York: What Women Do While Men Sit Knitting, September 2007: Long Island City at Gantry State Park. Video projection and light for Mabou Mines Production. New York Times article: "Portable Theatre: Just Go With the Flow", also Work in progress on the Mabou Mines Production: Song for New York: What Women Do While Men Sit Knitting, directed by Ruth Malaczech: (Click on this link for information)

Fugue State: Part One: The Honey Bee, 2007. a site specific video installation: Grace Exhibition Space: 840 Broadway, Brooklyn, June 2007

Fugue State Installation views- click here for short video documentation

Four Works for Piano, 2007, Site specific video installation for Church Street School of Music and Art, New York, NY

Four Works for Piano Installation- click here for video documentation

Circus School, 2006, video carpet, 9'x6.5', Private Collection), New York, NY

Installtion view Circus School (Installation views)

Sound and Vision Projects:

Small World, 2006. single channel video and two channel audio. Still: Submit. View more stills here.

View Small World video and audio here (the video has 20 seconds of tan screen).

Atomic Tango (6min) Demons (1min30sec)

Atomic Tango and Demons, 2001. collaboration with Composer Doug Geers: click here for more information and click on titles/images to play video:

Site Specific Installation:

Dino Loves Rosie , 2005 click here for flash documentation wgt

Two video projections onto buildings across the street from one another: (Pigs Fly) where Rose and Dino lived and (Love Letters, video collage of abandoned journal material and correspondence) where they ate.

Monitor: Rose sings The Wildest Girl in Town, a song written for her somewhere in Chile circa September 11, 1973 on small monitor in Socrates Diner's window The last frame of the video (Rose Grinning) was on the screen (in silence) for 10 minutes during the loop. As Rose's strong voice began, she would startle passersby.

This installation was part of the Fete de La Lumiere Festival, 18 June 2005.

Tribeca Trib Article















COVER: video projection works in Dec 2005 Solo Show at Ch'i: a VIllage Voice Shortlist Choice: "projections...imbued with fresh, though enigmatic, meaning through intelligently deployed technology (RC BAKER)."

INSTALLATION VIEWS: click on titles to view quicktime clips. Flash clips will play automatically.

Power (video projection onto distended bed, 6'x6'x2.5'),

YoYo(military acronym for You're On You're Own, video carpet, 6'x8')

Boil (Video projection onto two feather beds ,5'x6')

Tangle (video projection onto featherbed/raft on platform 5'x 5.5' x 18"),

Scatter (20'x15', dimensions variable,video (from cell phone) projection onto individual components, 1'x1'x3")

Scatter Detail 1

Scatter Detail 2


PAST WORK: (most are video clips, please click on images or titles for quicktime videos):

At Home With Domesticity, Studio Installation May 2005, (click on images for quicktime movies)

, ,Detail 3 (Pigs Fly,day)

Rose sings The Wildest Girl in Town, 2005 with studio views.

Bat Race, 2005, Video projection onto column capital near ceiling.

Soap, 2005, Phototransparency on Lightbox.

Carpet, 2005, Electric Lights

The VIsceral, 2002-2004 (click on image for quicktime movie)



Gristle(bottom box) /Gristle(top)




AutoBox3 Prototype for piece in American Sandwich, 2001.

VARIOUS, 1999-2005 (click on image for quicktime movie)

Suburbia, 1998 (Times Square Gallery, Hunter MFA)

Caught,2003 (TOAST 2003)

Walk,2003 (TOAST 2003)

Drip Machines 2000 (Brooklyn Fireproof)


Christine Sciulli, Fritz Chestnut, Andrew Nofsinger, 31 Grand, 2000

Flywheel Video projection onto rotating glass disks. 2000.

Lesson10: AN ACCIDENT Video projection onto rotating glass disks with single channel audio. 2000.

Disappeared Video projection onto rotating glass disk. 2000.


CONSUMPTION (Times Square Gallery, Hunter MFA)

Tychoisms (also part of At Home With Domesticity, 2005) , shadow projection text + handpainted lights

Thunderhouse (Still, Detail, + 2 video clips)

I Smell Something (Detail+Video)

I'm Having More Privacy (Detail+Video)

Why (Detail)

Jump (animation) (Toast 2002)

Old News:

Atomic Tango at Dekk and Sugarpunk and "What Happens Next?"

Der Kunstabwart, December 1999

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Performance of commisioned work with Sonreel + Haruka Fuji,NYC for the Loudermilk 2005 Fall Fashion Show