Christine Sciulli, ViSUAL ARTIST + Douglas Geers, Composer.

Demons text by poet Guillermo Castro


Atomic Tango: Festivals and Screenings (* shown with Demons, ** with live musical performance)


2005 Sugar Punk  curated by Nami and Johnny K., 2 Sept 2005, Williamsburg, NY. *

2005 SEAMUS National Conference, The Crossroads Conference , Ball State University, IA, April 14 - 16.

2005 Dekk Superfilm series, Atomic Tango + Demons, New York, NYcurated by Nami and Johnny K., 29 March.*

2004 International Festival of Electro-Acoustic Music, Brooklyn College, New York, Nov. 10.**

2003 New Music/New Media festival in Moorehead, Minnesota, November.

2002 International Computer Music Festival, Gšteborg, Sweden, 25 September.**

2002 MIX.02, DIEM, Computer music/video festival, curated by Hans Sydow, Arhus, Denmark, June 15.**

2002 Media CIRCUitS Festival, Milwaukee, Wisconsin on 4 November.**

2002 Fete de la Lumiere, rural Pennsylvania, June 15.

2002 North Carolina Computer Music Festival, Raleigh, NC,  Rodney Waschka II, Director, 18 and 19 March.

2001 Listening in the Sound Kitchen, Electroacoustic music festival, Princeton University, 17 and 18 Nov.**

2001 Ought One Festival, Montpelier, Vermont, 25 and 26  August.***